Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The one with Space

So, in the not so distant future Richard Branson will take us all to space. Well some of us anyway. Firstly, I think its great that someone has such a vision and is pioneering the way. So hats off to Rich on that one.

I wonder though, will it be any different from the movies? I mean, come on, you’ll get Armageddon for about €2 in a bargain bin. And you get amazing views of the Earth in that. Plus you get Bruce Willis as well.
Or what about the intro to Planet Earth from the BBC? On Blu-Ray its just as good as being there and you get David Attenborough to boot.

Rich wants' 200k that get you up into the atmosphere, which is cheap in comparison to the bloke that forked out 100 billion or whatever to for a spin to the space station. Christ, he must feel pissed off now! And whats with calling it a spaceship. For like a space plane to be honest. If Branson wants to call his little space plane a ship, then he should have thought about building something like the Millenium falcon. Jesus, at least we would have got the pleasure of flying with Harrison Ford and a big hairy dog!
And sure what about the flight times? I’d imagine it’d be similar to a long haul flight and judging from the video it’ll be cramped, stuffy and probably have no peanuts. If I’m forking out 200k for a trip into space I want a bit more than peanuts. For 200K I’d be demanding a legion of naked Alien women to serve drinks, administer massages, and bake bread! Don’t get me wrong, I think its a fantastic idea, but for many of us its a non runner due to the cost! So you know what that means. Yup, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck will sort us out.

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