Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The one with the big C – One of the more important blog posts you can read, especially if your a bloke

The last few days have been an incredibly tough and long haul. On Saturday evening I discovered something a bit unusual on the baby factory. Same on Sunday morning and on Monday I made for my G.P.
So after some prodding and poking he couldn’t (quite obviously) give a 100% either way, so I was referred for an ultrasound today at 3.30pm
The last 24 hours in particular have been very long and I have been dragging a very dark and heavy cloud around with me. I got the Ultrasound and it turns out that, thankfully, I don’t have Testicular Cancer. Which is a huge weight off my mind, but to be honest its going to take another day or so to lift this heavy could off my shoulders. As of right now, its hard to know what I feel, hence banging out a few thoughts here.
The last few days I’ve had a lot of time to think and to be honest I’m not one for going to doctors. But someone, somewhere at one time or another had mentioned getting things checked out if at all in doubt. I think it was on the radio or TV. And it always stuck with me. Hence today I was able to buy piece of mind and that’s something that is priceless. So my point (and I’ll reiterate this on the show later) is while the ladies are out of the traps quite quickly with lumps and bumps, us blokes are far too complacent. So please, if there is something out of the ordinary, get it checked. Don’t go through life without getting it checked, so lads, don’t make a balls of your balls!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear yer ok Vic.
Best wishes from da unk!