Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The one with the end

For those of you that blog did you ever just get sick to shite of it! As enjoyable as it can be, and this blog is pushing on, 5 years in November. Today is just one of those days where If I had a gun I'd shoot it! No particular reason, just having a moment of weakness. Maybe its because I went off and painted a part of the new shed that I forgot about. Maybe its because I spent an hour arseing around on the net this morning and generally find blog updates in the afternoon a chore! Hence alot of the stuff gets on here before lunch!

Going back to the shed part though. Maybe its an urge to break free from not only blogs, but the internet. Go back to nature. Plough the garden, plant some flowers and paint sheds! When life was simpiler. And all the postman delievered was a few bills as opposed to boxes off shit I don't need that have been purchased on ebay.

So I'm giving up the internet and all that goes with it.


Oh well, that lasted all of 3 seconds. Its amazing when you struggle with a blog post what mundane shit you can come up with. Anyways, meant to post this yesterday but...
Quality stuff!

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