Monday, August 24, 2009

The one on another Monday

I actually forgot to post something today, how lame ass is that! FFS.

I attracted wasp's yesterday, in their hundreds. The bastards! I eventually gave up swatting the fecker's away and in true Discovery channel style, just left them crawl on me when they wanted. They eventually got fed up and fecked off, without stinging! Granted, one did crawl on my ear which introduced some sweating and in the end, a bout of swatting. That bastard fly off too with out stinging! Have they anything else to do? Seriously! The weather spent most of the day yesterday doing a good impression of an Asian typhoon and yet the wasps were out in force! And as mentioned, they had nothing else to do! They didn't even seem interested in the match.

When the sun eventually came out, most of the bastards were interested in me as opposed to going off stinging small children. Typical really!!!!!!

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