Thursday, May 14, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Angels and Demons

The first book, arrives in the second Dan Brown inspired movie. Angels and Demons sees the return of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. And yes he still does have a bad haircut, albeit not as bad as the one he had in the Davinci Code.


So, what's going on this time round? Well, to me, its nowhere near as complicated as the Da Vinci code. The infamous Large Hadron Collider gets filled with diesel and is started up and the boffins create 3 containers of anti matter. One of these is stolen, and subsequently becomes the main part of the plot. This anti matter takes on the role of a bomb, which if its battery runs out will blow the Vatican city into little pieces. Throw in a few kidnapped Cardinals (who are promised an early death each hour) into the mix, as well as the ongoing attempt to elect a new pope and the whole movie is a race against the clock. As midnight is the time that the battery runs out in the electromagnets that keep the anti matter thingy from going boom boom…or something.

angels & demons

The Da Vinci code wasn't exactly a fast paced, action thriller and neither is Angels and Demons, but it does move alot quicker and to be fair, there are a few great little edge of the seat moments. Tom Hanks I think, dials in Robert Langdon, with what is an adequate enough performance. I still think his hair do is rubbish though. Ewan McGregor doesnt look entirely comfortable in the habit and in the beginning his accent is all over the place, but it does settle in the second half of the movie. McGregor, again is just about adequate. The supporting cast seem a bit more impressive than the big Hollywood heavyweights, in particular Stellan Skarsgard as Commander Richter.


Movies of this genre are always full of twists and the twists in Angels and Demons are quite obvious, excluding the biggest twist of all, that I didn't see coming, which in turn does put a big “aaaahhhhh haaaa” in your mind. At times this movie feels like a marathon, because Robert Langdon and co spend a lot of time running around the place like well trained athletes. Putting Hanks bad haircut and McGregors ropey accent to one side, and take into the fact that it is set nearly entirely in the Vatican city, this isn't a bad movie In fact its enjoyable enough and for me, its certainly saved in the latter half. That said, its nothing spectacular, and plods nicely along, seeming quite happy to do so. Either way, definitely worth a watch, just don't expect a life changing experience.


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