Thursday, April 02, 2009

The one with yesterdays carry on

All the pics have been posted on the various blogs since yesterday. Doing April fools at night when the whole county is sick to the teeth of them is always a hazardous event. I think last year I didnt do anything on the show, cant remember to be honest.

After U2 and Lady GaGa earlier in the day, we kicked off 2 big ones last night and a small one. So 3 pranks in total. FirDSC 1409stly the small one, James Corden was nowhere near the building the other night. The photo was a photoshopped pic of me from about a year ago with Frank Twomey. Frank was removed and Corden inserted. If anybody had clicked on the image, the file name was actually DSC 1409, which may have gave the whole thing away. 1409 being the 1st day of the 4th month 2009. JJ Abrams would be proud.

The main one of the night was the Trolley Care Ltd press release. After quite a lot of brain bashing with the production team(!) I came up with the Trolley care prank. In a nutshell, due to over 1100 trolleys being removed illegally from shopping centres and used for anti social behaviour purposes, a new system was being piloted in Cork for trolleys. Instead of putting in your €1 or €2 shoppers would go to a kiosk and hand over a €10 for a trolley or €3 for a basket. Upon its safe return they money would be refunded. One of the crew rang Jerry Buttimer who was surprised but said it was something that needed to be addressed and he would come on air. He fell for the thing hook, line and sinker, as did quite a number of people. Callers hung up on air in frustration when I announced it was an April Fool! I had truck loads of texts saying it was a disgrace and saying its a continuation of rip off Ireland.seth-rogen-WI-oscars2008

And the final one, which in hindsight, I should have left till another night as people were all April’d out, was an exclusive interview with Seth Rogen, where he said at the end that he was covering the show during my honeymoon! A lot of people fell for it, but plenty didn't fall for it! Obviously! And lets not forget the RTE one, which was created by a Cork blogger, which had a screen grab of RTE news saying I was moving to present Lyyyeeeevvvvvveee line!

Anyways, people were smiling from morning till night by all accounts, so roll on next year!


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