Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The one with the other Budget

I'm not going into another mad rant here like I did back in October. But its bloody simple! This features more of the F word than in a usual weeks worth of posting, so be warned!

A couple of things

a) I don't want to hear how the Minster has been working very hard and hasn't had a drink in weeks. Didnt catch the name but heard that on an interview yesterday. I don't give a shit if he drinks or not. Irrelevant! I'm working fuckin' hard and so are the rest of the country, well those who aren't coming up with interesting ways to screw the system.

b) The mortgage relief scheme is a disaster of epic proportions. Its not the levys, sorry paycuts, its this. When people lose their mortgage relief, it will bring them to their knees, faster than a cheap hooker.

c) And for fuck sake, people need to stop getting depressed over this. Nobody is addressing the fact the people will attempt to take their own lives on the hardship that will be endured! Its not worth it. I know that's easy for me to say, but remember I'm in the same boat as you

d) I detest bringing the doom and gloom to the audience, in particular last night. But the Budget is something we have to do. It effects everybody! But as always, we'll endeavor to keep the recession off the show, where possible. And if I have to sit on a milk crate to do that, then so be it! We will all sit on milk crates together!

e) I have no problem helping out my country. The way I see it, we are all in the same boat together. The milk is spilt, no point crying over it! But whoever has spilt the milk, still needs to be drawn over the burning hot coals. So back to the boat point. We all have our oars, and we all want to row in the same direction. But somebody needs to stand up and give an estimated fuckin time on how long we're going to be rowing for and I'm not talking about Economists!. Somebody needs to stand up and say "I know yer arms are sore from rowing, but keep it up and we'll get there in 3 years or 2 years or whatever. Then ye can stop rowing and things will go back to normality.
Why is nobody giving any fuckin light to the people who built and are building this country?

Anyway, I said I wouldn't get into a mad rant, but shit happens!

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