Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The one on a rainy wednesday

Blog is on a slow down today, being busy with this thing called a wedding the last 2 days so apologies to anyone who gives a sh%t (i.e. no one)

Just in case you are reading this in bed and haven't yet opened the curtains or have been inside in a wifi enabled toilet cubicle all day, then don't bother looking outside. Its shit! 

In case you haven't seen how shit it is, here a some pics courtesy of Google images. Cowen needs to do with Putin used to do in Russia. Send in the jets with some chemicals to break up the rain clouds! After all aren't the government jets just sitting on a runway somewhere, trying not to go on fire!

rain rain_accra_oct03

Feckin’ hell, really scraping the bottom of the barrel when I'm posting pics of rain!

Check back later for the mid week movie bit!

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