Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The one with U2

Very private promotional gig tomorrow, the lads on the Rooster giving away tickets in the morning!
Not sure how many tickets they have so be quick!

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Anonymous said...

nice one red fm ,got caught with this one . my sister called to my house this morning screaming something about u2 playing on top of blackpool shopping centre , she looked like she was going to get a heart attack ,i was dragged out of bed told to throw on something and get in the car so i did , she bombed out all the back roads , i thought we would never make it alive .rang everyone on the way and told them about this big event ,no one believed us . when we got there i was like an egit snappy happy with the camera ,it was great . couldnt believe that we just saw u2 . never found out it was a spoof till 5pm . what a wind up ;] well done red fm . class jokex