Sunday, March 29, 2009

The one with the mini game review – Wheelman (Xbox 360)

Everyone of us is guilty of having a little secret, hidden pleasure! Be it porn, chilli chocolate and no brainer, action movies. Or all three. None feature heavy on story lines, plots or acting, but give pleasure in huge big dollops! And this is exactly what Wheelman does!


Vin Diesel in his wisdom and gamerness was the first Hollywood actor to set up a game studio, called Tigon studios. So himself and his crew joined forces with Midway and came up with Wheelman. In a nutshell, Vin Diesel is the Wheelman, and undercover cop or operative. Basically all the bad guys think he’s another regular old bad guy. Or something! Sure there's a plot and all, but it doesn't really matter. Not to me anyway!


I was far more interested in stealing cars, bikes and trucks and hurling them around a loose, digital representation of Barcelona. In between driving around a Spanish city which features plenty of jumps and stuff to break, there's plenty of madness, explosions and driving through buildings! Not to mention the ability to air jack cars, which see’s your quite accurate representation of Vin Diesel climbing out of his moving car, jumping onto another car, kicking the driver out and driving off!

The game looks well, some of the textures are a little lo-res and moves along at a fairly frantic pace! There's tonnes of set pieces and explosions to keep the action gamer happy! And don't forget a healthy dose of side missions. Its not as polished as GTA IV (which it will draw comparison from) but you don't really notice complete lack of Mr.Sheen when your side swiping a cop car into the side of a tunnel.wheelman-01-800x600

Wheelman its sheer balls to the wall fun! Don't expect an amazing storyline or mind-blowing cut scenes, but strap on the seatbelt! And to return to the porn comparison, like all good porno flicks, you keep coming back for the same great scenes time after time! And Wheelman has plenty of em! This is some of the better no brainer fun you can have at the moment!


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