Thursday, March 19, 2009

The one where its the Tea-shock

Maybe its just me, or did anybody else go scarlett for Brian Cowen in Washington over St. Patricks day. I'm not talking about the teleprompter incident, where the tea-shock read out 20 seconds of Barack Obama's speech, instead of his own. Those kinda things happen! I'm sure Anne Doyle and Bryan Dobson do it all the time!

I didn't see any of the footage, but I did see a whole tonne of photographs. I found some of them pretty embarrassing to say the least. I know the tea-shock has a tough job and is in very tough times at the moment, but could he not have looked like a 4 year old child who had just met an astronaut?

Could he not have looked like a man who was thinking to himself "So this is the fuckin Whitehouse and Im here with Barrrraccccckkkk OOOOOOObaaammmmaaaaaa and this is just awesome! I hope he likes the shamrock"

Could he not have looked like someone who was told "Yes, you can smell my finger"

I wonder what they thought in the Whitehouse? Was there any scenarios of "Lads wheres the jacks? Ive an awful dose of the scutters" subsequently followed by loud banging on a toilet door"Lads, is there any bog paper here? I'm after using it all". Or was there any thundering in the front door with dog shit on shoes? Or even an oul bit of mud!

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