Sunday, February 01, 2009

The one with the mini movie review - Milk

Well, here comes another biopic and wont exactly have you bounding outta the picture house with joy either. What it will do, is make you think, in particular about the people who have given everything to make the world the way it is. And that's what Harvey Milk was all about. 

Harvey Milk, was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California back in the 70's. Milk is played by Sean Penn, in a performance that is breath taking. Not only does Penn actually look like the real Harvey Milk, but has the mannerisms down to a tee (from what Ive seen).  The movie follows the pre election days of Milk and into the election and all the turbulence that went with it. It shows how times were starting to change and how important it is for San Francisoites to be more accepting of gay men and women. Its a great flick that seems to be interwoven with news footage from the era which completely convinces you that the movie was actually shot in the 70's as opposed to a year ago.

Check this one out if you like food for thought or fancy seeing Sean Penn get it on with James Franco (who is absolutely superb, as one of the main love interests).

Milk is a movie that leaves you with a feeling of being extremely thankful. Thankful for the fact that without people like Harvey Milk the world may well be a very different place. 


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