Thursday, February 05, 2009

The one with a little rant!

Listening and seeing the bullshit flow on the news the last few days has got my blood to a dangerously high temperature. I'd swear I was able to fry eggs on my forearm yesterday. And boiling blood isn't safe for any tent pitching either. It'd get burnt!

I'm currently attempting to not use the Recession word on air, or in general as I think people are absolutely sick to the arse of being reminded of the current clouds of doom and gloom. Its wearing people out, the constant barrage of "cut this and cut that" and I think they certainly don't want me reminding them of how bad things possibly are. This recession is turning into a depression for alot of folks. Since we've taken this approach on the show, people are commenting and emailing saying it makes for a re-freshing change from the constant dark clouds. I'm not saying that we wont cover any topics related to the "R", as we are driven alot by caller content, but theres other stuff going on as well. 

Listening to the constant spew of puke from politicians is downright disgraceful. Yes, things don't seem to be good at all on a global scale. Yes, the world economy effects the Irish marketplace obviously. And yes we fuckin can get out of this! But it is really time for the politicians to step up to the plate, opposition and otherwise. For the last 10 or more years, this country has been booming (apparently). No shortage of cash. No shortage of development. And plenty of shortages of intelligent people in office. This happened on their watch. Nobody else. Not so long ago, people clambered over each other for SSIA schemes. It was all supposed to encourage us to save for a rainy day and so on. Maybe some of the boffins had their crystal balls out then. Regardless, as Ive mentioned before they should have taken their own  fuckin advice! I appreciate its not as simple as that, but the bloody concept is! The spin doctors, the advisers and the people who hire them all should have had their eye on the ball, regardless. This happened on THEIR watch, nobody else.

While, there is no point in dwelling on what has happened, people need to be held accountable. Bankers running around with tens of millions in loans. The list goes on and on. Whats happening there? Whats happening to the gobshites who dragged us down.  Whats happening to the select big shots, with their big bank balances and their pretentious bullshit. Are they getting pay cuts? Are they giving anything bank. I suppose while the little guy is actually giving something back theres probably no point. The little guy on the street, who cant afford to go for a dinner with his oul doll or take his kids to the flicks, they're the ones who will put the country back together. They will go without, for the greater good. Not that they have a choice in it!

The man who calls the shots, needs to take a leaf out of other politicians and actually deliver a bit of charisma. I get the impression that Brian Cowen doesn't like the public speaking side of things, just my view. He doesn't seem comfortable in his own skin. That said, I like when he starts roaring at people. And here's a tip for free to any of the politicians who read this. And it hasn't been yet addressed.

When dictating to the people who pay your salaries, about cutbacks and Levy's (sorry pay cuts) why not use the words "temporary cut back" or "a temporary Levy (sorry pay cut)" and then throw in the words "for 2 years" "6 months" or whatever. The point is, you cannot tell people, in particular the small guy, to give money that he doesn't have without giving him some hope. Just a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel is all that's needed. A time frame, so he knows that its not forever, and in a year (for example) all will be back to normal for him and his family. That's all people want, is hope. And this is not being provided by ANY politician out there at the moment. As Im always saying, dont dwell on the "R", just get on with things. Regardless though,
people still need hope, then the clouds of doom start to part. And we get shit done! This isn't fuckin China!

Rant over!

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