Monday, February 02, 2009

The one with good ideas that turn into bad ones

Ive been watching the Superbowl for over 20 years and I always manage to eat and drink a shit load of crap during it. Many moons ago, when I lived at home with mammy, I squeezed about 8 blokes into a tiny 10 x 8 room for the Superbowl. We bought out the local chipper. I don't know what was worse, the smell of the food or the "after" smell of the food. Last night, I came close to breaking tradition.

So I was leaving the station last night, planning on getting the half time show and decided "Fuck it", go get some food. So off went the light bulb over my head, and after being informed by Jen that McDonald's in Douglas was open late. So, I took a detour. That's when things went wrong. Some gobshite of a taxi driver nearly drove into me by the East Village. He / She obviously thought that he was taxing a 74 fuckin 7 out onto the runway. Ive been on a fairly decent health kick the last 2 weeks, with no shit food or fizzy things and bearing that in mind, I gave my order to the nice lady behind the window.

By the time I got home, the fries were more or less cold. But I was in front of the last half of the half time show and Bruce along Silvio from the Sopranos were tearing it up. There was no way in hell I was getting up to microwave chips. Plus I'm lazy! The Big Mac was also rapidly descending to freezing point. But, like the chips,  I couldn't be arsed microwaving it. Plus Mac Bigs take on this metallic flavour if they're nuked. So a major bad idea. I nearly missed the greatest half time show in some time, for a fuckin bland, little sauce Big Mac!

Fair play to the Steelers!

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