Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The one with Resolutions

Apparently, we make love. Plain and simple. We make love! Everytime I make love; as momentous an occasion as it is, theres no hammers, nails or paint involved. Granted there is some wood, but we'll leave that slide for the moment.

In the same breath, we make new years resolutions. Maybe Im stuck for something to get in here today, but is someone sculpting out there new years resolutions, as I type this??? Quite possibly not. I covered this on the show the other night and people seem to be belting away at the oul new years resolutions. As for me, well I have a wedding dress to get into, I mean my wedding is in the summer. Your inviting people you never see from one end of the decade to the other, argue the arse off each other about stupid things and health kicks go hand in hand with weddings and the month of January. So I decided, to have a little health kick between now and July. I'm not classing it as a New Years resolution or anything, its just a new outlook. But like anything, these things take time. And as long as there's gourmet jelly beans lying around the house, it just wouldn't be fair to the health kick to start it just yet. I reckon theres probably until next Monday to get through the shite that's left over since Xmas. Then it'll start, allegedly!

In my own view, if the only time of the year you can start off something new, be it a health kick or giving up hunting badgers or whatever, is January then we're in big shit! In all seriousness, why would you want to give up anything. Obviously there are a few exceptions to that, but lets leave the badger hunting and the serial killing out of the equation. So a big capital F off to the New Years Resolutions. If I want to take a long shit, and get pins and needles in both legs as a result of too much time on the jacks, so be it. I ain't giving that up! Or anything else for that matter.

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