Friday, January 16, 2009

The one with the mini movie review - The Wrestler

The Wrestler

Well they dug Mickey Rourke up and Darren Aronofsky convinced a few big wigs to let Rourke star in the Wrestler. Rourke plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson who is a little bit past it, but still on the independent wrestling circuit, and gears himself toward one more big rasslin' match with his biggest rival from back in the day! Throw in a few health problems, side story with his long lost daughter and a wonderful stint as a deli guy and you have the Wrestler! Oh and dont forget the fantastic Bruce Sprinsteen song as well!

Rourke has already picked up a Golden Globe and quite deservedly so. I think for alot of actors out there, they never get the opportunity to shine because the movies they star in are more for paying the mortgage than anything else. And that becomes a habit. Easy money. They never find their movie, but trust me on this one, Mickey Rourke has found his! Amazing performance in a very good film. Check it out!


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