Sunday, January 25, 2009

The one with the mini movie review - Valkyrie

Excluding his interview on Jonathan Ross Friday, jumping up and down on on Oprah and thatinfamous Scientology video where he explained the mysteries of the universe or something, we havent heard much from Tom Cruise in a while. So is this the comeback flick. I dont think so somehow. Think back to Britneys supposed comeback a while ago.

Its a true story about a German and a group of Germans who figure they have to save humanity and kill Hitler. Now the only problem with all the Germans including Adolf is that they all speak in anything but a German accent. So the whole movie revolves around this plot to kill Hitler and climatises with a briefcase bomb and the German resistence controlling Berlin and so on.  Crusie does look very good with the eyepatch and uniform. If I were Katie Holmes I'd be demanding he bring a few home for the bedroom. I love the Cruise machine, but this isnt his movie. 

Valkyrie doesnt flow in any sense of the world and it times to me feels disjointed. Its got the pace of a blocked septic tank and the majority of the the thing seems bland and off colour (literally). Not my cup of tea. I'd say stick with Downfall.