Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one with the Inauguration and the R Word

The word change is used quite a bit!

We change a wheel, we change jobs and we change our underpants to give 3 useless examples! But now, change has arrived. Like the man who is all about change, he admits that he's not gonna wave a little magic wand and make things better! It'd probably look a bit weird anyway! Barack with a little pink fairy wand going "Pfffffffffoooofffffffffffffffff" *DING*. At the same time, I liked Bush. I didnt like any of his policies and he's been quite instrumental in stirring up the terrorists nest, but I found him at times to be a normal joe soap and a man who has provided about 832 hours of comedy.
Personally I think the guy, based on how he has pimped himself out to the world, is an incredibly inspiring character. A fantastic deliverist (is that even a word?) when it comes to speeches and a guy that seems to have his head rightly screwed on! A guy that seems to have values, goals and dreams. He's in for 4 years, whether or not he'll get a second term remains to be seen. The downside, I guess, is that given that he is such an amazing deliverist (!) the chances of bloopers and feck ups, ala George W. are gonna be nil! In fact theres probably more chance of me taking the TV off standby, to save the penguins. Its going to be a very interesting year and only time will tell if the man who has promised change to America and the world will deliver! Then again, he is a great deliverist!

No doubt, the usual slew of Irish political figures have a big drool coming out of their mouth. The drool has now passed their nipples and will only break off when they get their little photo op at some point with the Barack man. Maybe if the current crop of politicians took a leaf out of Obamas book and set about implementing change as opposed to constantly spinning the doom and gloom we'd all be a little better off!

Its beginning to drive me nuts! Constant doom and gloom from various (not all, thankfully at RedFM things dont sound as doomy as anywhere else) sectors of the media. Job losses, Recession this that and the other. I accept the fact that it is the news, but the Recession is not solely the news. It reminds me of how some American news networks constantly flogged the terror alert! It had people living in absolute fear. It kept people down. It caused depression. This is the exact same, except its the Recession alert. For anyone reading this, don't buy into the whole doom and gloom that's been belted out at an overwhelming rate. Accept it and move on, dont dwell. Brian Cowen and the rest of the boys aren't gonna come round your house in their fleet of Mercs and sort out your problems. If we have a problem, ya gotta do it yourself.
People are so influenced by the media these days, and I think its always been the way. War of the Worlds comes to mind. Psychologically if you constantly hear doom and gloom your gonna believe doom and gloom is coming for you. And if that happens, Game over man! Your caught in a rut.

People need to have a little belief in themselves when it comes to this. Yes, we are all painting on the one gigantic emerald canvas. So grab your paints and paint your own section. Don't wait for someone to tell you to start, don't wait for someone to say its the wrong brush. Just get on with it!

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