Monday, January 05, 2009

The one where its all back to!!!

As usual; the last couple of weeks off have shot by like the Millenium Falcon with a working hyperdrive. And also as usual, the day you go back to work is spent wondering what better ways you could have spent your time off. 

For me, this was the last, large amount of time off from the show until the wedding. Its all go from here on in.....yeah...of course it is. So we decided to get the whole, immediate family together for New Years day, and gobshite here donned the apron and set about cooking. And 4 days on, nobody has been admitted to hospital, nobody feels quesy and nobody has even had a dose of the shits. Not that, that would be a particular topic of conversation amongst parents and sons.

"So how ya gettin' on Mum?
"Grand, except I had a terrible dose of the shits after your dinner the other day"
"Yes. On the bowl for ages, and turkeys do really fly as do peas and roast spuds"

The house has stopped buckling under the weight of sweets, biscuits and drink. That said, there are still a few bits lying around the place. In my own mind, Ive decided not to take the health kick too seriously until all the remains have been destroyed, disolved or digested! That said, we took a huge offensive against the remains during the PDC Darts final last night, where Phil Taylor trounced Barney!

Other than that, the only thing the remains are the bastard decorations and the bastard Xmas tree. Every year it causes trouble on the day its supposed to go back to its attic prison. Every time, without fail the fecker brings trouble to the house, the family and my back. I was contemplating sedating it this year, like they used do with B.A. on the A-Team; anytime they wanted to get him on a plane. But its a fake tree and its impossible to get a needle into the fucker!

Anyway, its back on air tonight, 9pm. I hope I remember which buttons to press!

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