Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one where Ill tarmac your drive

I had planned on ranting about the joys of spending vast amounts of time in the jacks with an iPod touch. But as there is only a day and a bit left to go for the closing of the blog awards nominations this is like one of those knock, knocks on your front door during election season.

So, in my best local politician voice....you can imagine your own response after each sentence.

How are ya? Sorry now for bothering ya 
Victor Barry here from the Blog party. Great weather today isn't it?
Tis, tis, jaysus you never know we might get snow before March.
Anyway, listen to me, the reason I'm calling is the blog award nominations shut off tomorrow, January 14th
Yeah, yeah. Well a blog is a thing where fellas like me write about things. Tis kinda like the newspaper or a magazine, but its not really.
No, no I'm not selling logs. Tis blogs missus.....yeah...yeah...
Look, anyway if you think I'm deserving of a vote in any of the categories then click here
That's great. And listen, Ill have a word with the lads in the council about laying down some tarmacadam on your drive there, if ya give us a vote. And sure, when you give us the oul vote in any category, dont forget to vote for the other members of the blog party. 
Oh jaysus, I'm not sure now when they'll be up with the tar. But vote for us first anyway, and we'll look after ya. And look, if you also give us the vote, I'll ensure that 4 new hospitals are constructed every 6 months, chips n curry will become the national dish and badgers will get freedom of the city.
All the best now!

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