Thursday, December 04, 2008

The one where the madness has begun!

Well, theres only 5 minutes left till Christmas eve! Not really, but that's the way people are carrying on. The finance minister needs to take note! If only Leno could find away to get some of the money that people are spending like crazy. Oh I forgot, he does!! Oh well! Recession continues.

Now, for those of you reading this, who are adopting the "Ill get me presents next week" attitude, feck off. Shut down the laptop and go out and start shopping. Failing that, there are people called Mastercard and Visa who will magically buy your Christmas presents on the Internet thing. Then some bloke will arrive at your house in February with your presents. Just in time  Remember its the thought that counts, not that your children will give a shit. Not in the least. By the time the presents arrive, the builders will be starting work on your house after the kids tear the thing apart on Christmas morning. So, get out or get online and start sorting shit out. And then you can spend Christmas eve, sipping port and laughing at the clowns who didn't heed this advice.

Cast your mind back to the Cloverfield movie. Remember the panic on the streets when the Cloverfield monster was trampling over buildings. Remember the mass of bodies all running for their lives. Well in a few days, farmers day kicks off the whole Xmas shopping madness and the it goes nuclear. Its bad at the moment, but in a few days, you'll be praying for the Cloverfield monster to trample over Cork. And lets face it, the fucker tore down New York in an hour and a half. Cork should take no longer than 15 minutes, including tea breaks and the occasional battle with the FCA.

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