Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The one about Brake The Cycle

Happy New Year! Yes I know its the 9th of the month, but upon gazing back at the vast amount of updates over the holidays, I noticed there was no New Years Greetings! Before I get down to moaning or whatever, heres some pics from last nights Brake The Cycle launch, compliments of Phils blog.

There was a fantastic response on the show to Brake The Cycle last night! Lots of callers and texts were of the sentiment "We've taken the foot off the pedal a bit" after hearing the ads and the interviews! Hopefully this will save lives! Its a different approach, compared to other road safety campaigns and after doing road safety on the show from various angles, over the years I think this will have very positive results. At the end of the day (NOT in a Keano accent) Drive like an Idiot, Die like an idiot! Its simple really!!!!!

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