Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The one with Zombies!

Well, ya know its Xmas time when the blog slows up. Been a manic week. One of the problems Ive had is the amount of Zombies crawling through the streets and shopping centers of the real capital of this green and shite weather isle. Even more frightening is that people are having sex with these Zombies. Yes, you read that right. Theres a certain amount of Zombies maruading the streets pushing prams, buggies and ankle skinners.

I spent the best part of the weekend like Mila Jovich or Simon Pegg, battling the never ending hoardes of these Zombies. They're everywhere. Feck sake, some are even driving cars. Heres a simple way of spotting these brain muching bastards. They come in all shapes and sizes, sexes and ages. You can spot them a mile off as they trudge around shops, mumbling things like "Buy stuff, buy stuff, buy anything" They refuse to get out of your way and their spatial awareness has been destroyed by the virus. Kick them in the arse and they may fall down, but they'll keep going, crawling their way to anything or anyplace that sells items....of anything.

I think at this stage the Local authorities need to do something about it. Its quite obvious to me and a whole load of listeners that Cork, if not the rest of the country has been infected with some viral outbreak of Resident Evil proportions. I'll glady assit the councils with exterminating the hoardes. Provide me with a shotgun and some kind of permit stating that I wont end up in court, after a cure has been found. Actually, forget the shotgun. Gimme a chainsaw!

Tomorrow on the blog, I'll be giving the low down on whats happening next week on the show as we host our annual Xmas spectacular...ahem!

In the meantime, The CTB Toyshow this week on Thursday night. Next Wednesday we will be having some live, in the house hypnosis. Another Munster brick to be given away tonight and all the usual madness! Tune in!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

jaysus vic that pic gave me some fright