Thursday, November 29, 2007

The one on a Thursday

First off, well done to KC for getting nominated for a Meteor. Get your fingers over here and vote! Be wide of his hairy puss though!!

Its been one of those weeks where the remains of sickness still hang in the air, but by all accounts and according to my insides, all is well.

If you were listening to the show last night, in between everything, Eimear won the lotto. Pity the ticket was for Saturdays draw, as opposed to last nights number selection. And contrary to popular belief I wouldnt have played a few songs and killed her, if she really won. I would have only grabbed the ticket, signed my name on it and finished the show before going to Dublin this morning to collect my 5 mill! Whats five million among collegues??? Not that 5 mill will get you much these days. Veyron 1.7 mill, Decent gaff 2 mill and the rest of the money will be used to fuel the Bugatti. Not much value for lotto winners these days!

On another note, we will be hosting a Cork Talks Back Nice Wan Bash in the run up to Xmas. Its just a little bash for X amount of listeners in a particular location in Cork. I'll also be doing a Too Close and Personal Q&A session, just for a bit of craic. There will also be a weekend away up for grabs on the night in question as well. So keep listening as I'll be looking to dish out invites in the next week or 2.

Anyway, thats it for another lame hole blog update. The normality shall resume hopefully in the next few days. Anne Sexton and Sexually Speaking tonight, my rough guide to whats hot and not in NYC for those of you heading over for some Xmas shopping. The last weekend break up for grabs, compliments of Eddie Rockets and one more pair of tickets for Duran Duran @ Live at the Marquee.

Until 9pm!!!!

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