Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The one with various items

As Ive been saying to anyone who'll listen, Im another year older and miserabler. Either way, many thanks to the QE2 loads of you who sent in cards, texts, calls and emails saying Happy Birthday. Lets not forget the members of the night crew in Red, who marched in with a rather tasty birthday cake at the very top of the show. Its rare Im lost for words. So between the cakes, listeners calling to door, in particular Joanne with her kids (all belting out Happy Birthday) and all the texts etc.etc. It was a great way to cheer me up, as on Thursday night, as per previous post I was feeling pretty rotten. I had planned on leaving just after 11, but I there was too much going on and I was well cheered up by then. I managed to make for a Breast N a Bun and got home and sat on the couch watching the Leaders debate till 4am. At one stage, Chip in hand, I said to myself "Feck sake, your really pushing on now, watching a leaders debate in the middle of the night". But leaders debate aside, I had a really nice oul (bad choice of words) B-day. Given my increasing addiction to all things kitchen and cooking (which has been out of control for the last few years) I was fairly easy to buy for....for a change.

Going back to the leaders debate, well from an observational point of view, Bertie came out the winner with Enda lagging behind a bit. At this stage in the day, the media would really want to give Berties finances a break and concentrate on the real issues at hand. Every candidate that we've had on the show during our election coverage, opposition parties as well, are sick and tired of the whole thing. Everyone feels the real issues are being sidestepped and missed out on. No matter what, people have to get out and vote on Thursday.

Other than that, nothing else going on, bar the exclusive Rambo 4 trailer, which many of you have been calling the greatest film of all time. Listen up for it later tonight!

College pressures, Cork dieting fads, hen nights and stag nights, GAA tickets and a whole lot more from the show where its YOUR opinion that counts, from 9pm tonight!


paul the trucker said...

great show as always vick. really enjoyed the bit about the dieting stuff. am considering trying that lipo stuff as im a fairly big lad lol. but do u think i can remember the name of it LoL. "hint hint"

Anonymous said...

lipotrim.i'm gonna start it tomorrow and see how i go for a month

paul the trucker said...

let us know will ya as im thinkin bout it meself. am away on holidays for a week buit will start it whe ji get back. let me know how ya get on cheers