Monday, May 28, 2007

The one on a Sunny evening

Below you can catch some of the fantastic bikes from the Ireland Bike Week. In typical Kerry fashion, as soon as we got out of the car, it started raining. Then after that, it started pissing. It didnt put a dampner on the festivites though. Absolutely savage atmosphere in the Gleneagle / Brehon car parks. Stalls, decent chips n curry and the shit hot sound of hundreds of Harley Davidsons. Well worth the trip to the Kingdom, granted getting to bed at 4am the night before didnt help the situation.

So what else is going on I hear at least 2 of you ask? Well as usual, nothing. After the excursion on Saturday morning, I struggled to stay awake for Pirates of The Caribbean 3. That said, I enjoyed it sort of. Lots going on and far too much for my knackered brain to take in at the time. A running time of 2 hours 45 didnt help either. Obviously a movie to check out when one isnt feeling tired. "Dya hear him la, with his posh words!!!!"

Fresh Pasta was made over the weekend as well. Little did I think it would taste so different. Amazing! Pasta machine, 6 eggs, Strong flour, drop of water, bit of elbow grease and 4 well fed adults. Everyone still alive to boot. After the Pasta making experience, I lifted the fridge and horsed it out the window, set fire to the couch and put stuff into the dishwasher. This rock 'n roll lifestyle is hectic at times.

Fancy getting your name up in lights? Well get it on the blog anyway. As often as I can and as often as I get them Ill post up any emails that come to me either asking questions or whatever.

Right thats it! Dont forget to fire your "questions" to me oul email!

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