Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The one with, ah who cares! (Actually this one aint bad)

I know its a been a while, no one would have thought it would take this long, but keep pushing....constipation, not a nice thing! The blog has been like a bout of back passage persistence lately. Its there, but nothings going on. Well bar, Vic Cast #3. Im hoping to have #4 up in time for the weekend! That said, its unlikely.

Easter was Easter. It was nice to have 2 nights off and the feedback has been very good from Sunday and Mondays shows. Its just a pity the electric window in the car decided it had enough of living and it died in the DOWN position. So that was more or less the end of Monday for me. Bin liners and car guarding duty. I don't get the buzz about Easter. Whatever about the religious aspect, why cant people survive one day without a pub, ie Good Friday. Thursday evening I witnessed (sounds ominous doesn't it) a few ould Bridys with shopping trolleys buckling under the weight of slabs of booze. Im not being a killjoy or anything, but one Bridy had enough in the trolley to last her till next Easter. Before anyone says house party, she had enough drink to get at least 5000 people bladdered up. Maybe she was holding a conference or something.

Keeping with Easter, why isnt Willie Wonka on the TV. I dont buy into the whole "Its a Xmas Tradition" as some people were texting in last night. Willie Wonka didnt have a Turkey and Ham factory, where Oompa Lumpas spent their days lobbing the heads off plump birds or getting joints of ham out of Ms Piggy. I can see it now

Oompa Lumpa "Here...Willie, we're outta them ever lasting Turkeys"
Willie Wonka "Again!!!!! for crying out loud. Which one of you little green shits is stealing my ever lasting turkeys.

So it brings up the question, why isn't Wonka on at Easter? Wouldn't it be much more appropriate? All its missing is a few Easter bunnys and to keep the mass going public happy, they could even throw in Jesus, maybe giving tours on Wonkas boat. Either way, Willie doesnt belong on the TV at Christmas, not anymore. At the end of the day (thanks Roy) no TV Network is showing Watership down on Easter Sunday. Are they? Of course not, it wouldnt be worth the complaints from parents giving out as to why all the Easter bunnys are getting their egg making paws blown off.
No doubt somewhere around the country little Johnny or Mary spent Easter Sunday bawling their eyes out, because Daddy decided to go out and blow the head off the Easter Bunny. And then fire it into a pot and serve it up for dinner.
We're all faithless by the way too. Article in one of the tabloids yesterday stating that 15-24 year olds know little or nothing about their religion. I'm out of that age bracket, by a year or 2 and everything Ive been thought is not even a distant memory. I'm not a regular mass goer, Funerals, Weddings and the odd Christening are about it.. I don't get the whole thing to be honest. Maybe it was a case of you HAVE TO go when you were young. Ive never like the words "HAVE TO". But its horses for courses and all that. If its what YOU want, then great. YOU do what YOU want, not what someone else wants. Kids should be given a choice after a certain age. Maybe then Saturday night or Sunday morning wouldnt be such an ordeal! I was dragged kicking and screaming. In my mind Ghosts n Goblins was all the religion I needed.

Thats about it till next month, only kidding. Laters! And nice waaannn for dropping by!

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Anonymous said...

just on the rant about good friday vic. clubs around the country opened their doors at 00:00 good friday nite. in all fairness man, for 2 and a half hours. this country is gone to the dogs literally. J, Mallow