Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The one where, ah who cares

The blog has been neglected over the last few weeks and I have no excuses. Just been mad busy, oh well theres one!

Tonight on the show, in the run up to Flick It (where you could win 10 Grand) Ill be presenting a movie, as Phil did yesterday. Its from the Star Wars saga, but Im not revealing which one it is till later on. Some may be shocked! Ill also be giving away tickets to the flicks to boot. I'll be taking some more skiers down the CTB ski slope as well, all fighting for the number 1 spot on our leaderboard, in the hopes of winning themselves a ski holiday to Andorra, compliments of panaroma holidays.

By now, Im sure some of you have been prone to the local politicians pounding down the door and dropping leaflets of promises through the letterbox. We need this and we need that and Ill ensure that we get it. We need better roads etc.etc.etc. and yes, you guessed it, Im the man or woman to get it. What the F$%k? We needed all that the last time and the time before that. What did they do then? It amazes me that some of these so called public reps have the gaul to tell you that they'll be doing this and that when they said it the last time. The problems still need fixing!!!! Its like the blind leading the bling in one instance! When these people come to your door, put it to em. Ask the tough questions. Ask WHY things havent been done! Most importantly though, do vote!

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