Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The one that has nothing to do with shaving monkeys

Nice wan for the Airbus loads of you checking out the Vic Casts. I'm not sure if theres going to be another this week, if not it'll be the week after. Keep checking back here to find out etc.etc.etc.etc.

One of my biggest gripes at the moment is the road into Cobh. Particularly the stretch when you turn right off Belvelley Bridge. Recently the cowboys rode into town again and started digging the thing up. Big fool that I am, I thought they were putting the thing back together. It turns out some people who ride the Belvelley coaster weren't happy and were asking for their money back, as the ride was no longer exciting enough. So now, its been rebuilt with even more thrilling dips, dives and tyre shredding excitement. The county council should be well proud of it, as should Cobh town council. Im seriously thinking of calling into the town hall and start handing it medals. Its possible none of the above are aware of it. Maybe they use the Arrow all the time. Maybe they have a chopper. Maybe Mercedes and BMW make exceedingly good suspension. Incidentally, if you drive an off road vehicle but never drive it off road, follow the directions above and get your 4x4 as close as it'll get to an off road situation. If you hold off until the middle of Summer you might get rain, which will give your 4x4 that off road, dirty, muddy look.

Its Confirmation and Communion season fairly soon, if not already. No doubt the little darlings are sizzling away on a sunbed as we speak. Its all about the tan darling. Speaking of Communion, I remember one of the things I bought with my Communion money was the Sas Survival Handbook. Why in the name of whoever, was I doing with a Survival Handbook. It was more than likely from watching Rambo as a child. Either way, the Survival Handbook never had the ideas that John Rambo used to sort things out. If I had been shot with an arrow or something as a kid, the Sas Survival Handbook wouldnt have thought me to set fire to the wounds. But Rambo did. So for any of us that have a need for Survival in the future, Rambo is coming back to the big screens. I came across the shot on the left this morning. In fairness, Sly looks ready to kick some Ass again. More importantly, he looks ready to teach us more survival tricks. Maybe setting fire to your hole if you get the squirts. Who knows. Either way, the new Rambo flick is under way!

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