Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The one about a bank holiday

Judging by my inbox this morning, a fair few of you seemed to enjoy the bank holiday rewind special last night. I had all plans of getting up early yesterday and going off for a long bank holiday spin, so instead I got up late, dragged Ger into the car and went off on a long, stuck behind a tractor for 87% of the time, spin. I even brought along the camera. I dont know where we ended up eventually, besides home. But I do recall seeing a sign for Tallow along the way and other signs for Co.Waterford. Contrary to the photos, I didnt take a wrong turn and end up on a ferry to France and take even more wrong turns and end up in the Alps, or somewhere.

I read an article this morning saying that Irelands main political parties are to spend around €10 million between them on election campaigns. This is what I dont understand! 10 mill to tell me and you the problems that are currently out there and what they'll do about it. Thats all well and good but kinda pointless really as we all know whats wrong, whats not working and so on. These problems havent just popped up when the guy with photoshop was putting the final touches to the photos for the posters and pamphlets. So, going back to a previous posting, what the F$%K have these people being doing all along! Answers on a postcard to the usual address!

The show returns to normal last night and there WILL be a Tuesday night Psychic in tow! Hopefully Vic Cast #2, the video podcast will see the light of day during the week!

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