Monday, February 12, 2007

The one about popping the breathalyser cherry

It was a dark night. As most nights are!!! It was cold, it was windy and jaysus above it was wet. From a distance I could see flashlights, flashing and waving about. It was at this moment that I knew how Stan Collymore must have felt, wandering around car parks in the middle of the night. Except this was no car park. This was the middle of the road. Stan would have been thrilled! Outside the Sheraton last night, on the Fota road, a nice Ban Garda, after a dodgy mouth piece, told me "Blow into this" for ten seconds. Another Garda, told me to take a deep breath and keep going till it clicks. After a few seconds of furious blowing, I had blown my cherry away. Zero. "Thanks very much, safe home. You can talk about it on the show". Even though I knew I had zero alcohol in me, it still seemed like an eternity. In the back of my mind I was wondering "Feck it, did that bag of cheese and onion have alcohol in it". I was so excited, this morning I even rang me mother, who thought the world was after ending. "What do you mean you've been breathalised?" she said. Then there was a long silence, until it finally clicked. See, its all about the click! Seriously though, the random breath testing is great and heres hoping it'll catch plenty more idiots who are putting my life and your life at risk.

As most of you know, poor Anna Nicole Smith is dead. Hang on, let me type that again. Anna Nicole Smith is dead. The conspiracy people are doing overtime with loads of allegations being fired around. She seems to be getting a tough time around the web at the moment, with various pics of coffins with tits being uploaded. Not that she cares anyway. Shes somewhere else now, making the Breast of it. Sorry!

By the way, the mega 3 course meal that Ive promised is ready to be uploaded. As soon as I spiel it out on the show tonight, it'll be on here in all its glory. In case your wondering whats going on, Ive promised last week on the show to help out all the ment in Cork to do something different this Valentines....Cook!!!!!

Also Im hosting a mega Dial a Date session over the next few nights, so if your single and fancy meeting someone, and let us organise tickets or whatever get in touch be emailing

Check back later on for me 3 courses!

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