Monday, January 29, 2007

The one that was updated unusually of a Monday


Right thats some more of the Club Light Playboy PJ Party Pics outta the way. Those of you with your pants pulled down, may now pull it up! It was a brilliant night in Mallow and the bunnies looked nothing short of stunning.

In show related news, Dave Mac has officially left the show as producer. You can catch Dave weekdays from 10am. Eimear Varian Barry is the new Cork Talks Back producer. From this night forth, Martina will be doing a very cool show for any of you love cats out there. The perfect way to wind down after Cork Talks Back. That show kicks off tonight from midnight. Phil is doing a new show from today, from 2pm. In other show related news, The Late N Live Top 5 officially returns tonight!

If you didnt know, camera phones are officially shite at taking pictures in night clubs. There seemed to be quite a few of you checking the mobloggin' action on Friday night and I apologise for the shiteness of the photos. Phones were never meant to be cameras. Think about it, how many cameras do you see with a built in phone.....exactly.

For any of you Big Brother fans out there, you missed the start of the brand new season of Top Gear last night. It drew in over 8 million viewers. The Richard Hammond crash was the main attraction and made for some chilling viewing. You can watch it here. Its good to see the Hamster finally back in action. As for Big Brother, who gives a toss! If you've only read the papers once in the last few weeks, you can have a pretty damn good guess at who won it!

Lots of stuff happening on the show tonight including our traditional, annual, Superbowl prediction. The singing Psychic as tradition has it, will be making the prediction just after 11!

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