Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The one with a "simulated" incest pic!

13 days to go! Kinda hard to believe really isnt it! For some of you theres only 14 days of actual living left. No doubt quite a number of you will be out killing yourself with alcohol on St.Stephens night. Id be attempting the same too, but Im gigging St.Stephens night! Im still not feeling the Xmas buzz and at this stage I dont think Ill catch it either! Its not bah humbug or anything, Im just not feeling it this year....again! I managed to do some Xmas shopping over the last few days and take a tip from someone who was in town on Saturday afternoon, dont bother. Go shopping early mid-week! Or in the middle of the night! Theres still a few bits left to get, then it'll be time to send out as many Xmas cards as possible! Im still getting the question "What do you want for Xmas?". I still dont know! I am gearing towards a sat-nav though!

Im back on the air tonight for the first time since last Wednesday! A few days off are great, but its kinda hard to know what to do with yourself. Yes I spent some of it in front of the Xbox, Yes I spent some of it trudging around buying Xmas presents and Yes I spent too much time recovering from too many glasses of lemonade! On another note, I was in a far flung, cold place on Sunday and heres a photo from what I made! Big crowd turnout too!

I normally dont bother posting scantily clad people pics, as you all know too well where to find them, but on a different note, I came across this earlier (not literally!!!! fuckin pervs)

Its Paris and her sister! Im shocked actually, for once! I really thought those limos had taller ceilings! I hope no one farted! Well at least they cant impregnate one another! All thats missing from the picture is.....well I wont go into that today!

Besides all that, theres not much else going on, as usual! Back on the air tonight from 9pm!

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