Monday, December 18, 2006

7 days to go. At time of posting, this is the time where theTurkey is just hitting the back of your tonsils! Another year has flown by and its amazing how quick the whole thing is gone by. Its gone by so fast, there would really want to be a dope test!

The RedFM Xmas party was held last Friday night, with the main event taking place at the Fota Sheraton! I arrived home around 4am and contrary to popular belief I didnt kidnap a ring tailed lemur, from nearby Fota. I did attempt a few things in a nearby golf cart though! Im waiting to steal the photos from other people, but for some reason alot of the photos seem to be kept close to their chests! Probably a wise move!

Its Christmas week and its a weird week, as always. People scurrying around trying to buy anything that can be wrapped. Do take care though, when walking through Pana, as the annual Xmas child and buggy race seems to take place from early morning throught to late evening. Just have your wits around you and hopefully, your ankles and heels wont be crushed by some mad woman piloting a buggy down Pana, in the fastest time possible. Also be on the lookout for Tayto Snax and half full Ribena cartons, flying through the air. Get one of them in your eye and its CUH for Christmas!!!!!

As is the tradition on the show for Xmas week, its one big party. Well not really, but it takes on a lighter role for the week with a few celeb guests and major giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, on our final show of the year, which is this coming Thursday, I will be giving away a Turkey! How cool is that? Over the last year or so, Ive given away KY Liquid, Movie Tickets, Holiday vouchers, Lingerie, Tins of Polish and a piece of wood. Now, to top all that, if that was possible, I have a Turkey to give away!!!!! In the words of a few mad yanks....AWESOME! Karl Spain will be dropping by tonight, Joe Rooney tomorrow night. Speaking of tomorrow night, we will be having the Adult Toy show in the 11 hour! We will also have a few "bits" to giveaway!!! Who knows what and who will be calling in for the remainder of the week!

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