Saturday, October 14, 2006


Evening all. Just a very quick one for ya.

Borat - Funniest Movie I have seen in quite some time, if not of all time!

Xbox 360 - Most unreliable piece of XCZCDF£$"%"£$% ever. I went onto my second 360 a few weeks back, now last night it died! If theres a Lord up there somewhere - sound!!!!

Monday I'll be making a bit of an announcement on here. Nothing too big on mindblowing but check back Monday to find out!


Anonymous said...

Vic, Just stick with a PC. Get yourself a nice one or build one yourself.. none of this console shite.. Loving the show!
Bart from Mallow

Dillon said...

"console shite"?
It's pc's that are shite (114,000 virus's). Nintendo and Mac's rule.
Love your blog vic. (cute puppy)

Anonymous said...
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