Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello to all I met on Friday night and thanks to the Liquid Lounge for a damn good night out! Another RedFM night out drew to a close well after I had crawled home and if truth be told, it was a nice, quiet, event free night, bar the 106 exceptions. I shall be saying nothing on here but it remains to be seen how many tales will escape tonight! But if truth be told again, nothing will because my life wouldnt be worth living.

Saturday night we checked out the new Gate cinema in Midleton for the late showing of World Trade Center. You cant beat the smell of new. The place is looking well, while I admit there was some bit of confusion in my little brain about buying tickets and food at the same till. Its not the biggest cinema in the world, but the seats are damn comfy and its screen 1 while not gigantic, proved quite the enveloping experience. WTC made alot of buzz last week on the show, after our preview screening and it may well do again tonight. The movie, while not the best thing to hit celluloid is a gripping tale of heroism, and thats it. No underlying themes, nothing. It tells the tale of Jim Mcloughlin and William Jimeno, 2 PAPD who were pulled out alived by ex Marine Staff Sgt. David Karnes.
This is the marine that a few callers were moaning about last week. Callers to Cork Talks Back were wondering, why at random a Marine popped up near the end of the movie? Well he found Jimeno and McLoughlin. Its not that fuckin hard to figure out. Again it shows the height of ignorance of some people, latching onto nothing to turn it into something or indeed their way of thinking! At times you have to fight back the tears, but you always know deep down the guys are gonna get out, and the light Jimeno can see, is symbolic of the light at the end of the tunnel. Theres always hope!
I left the cinema with the feeling of "Appreciate what you have today, because it might not be there tomorrow"

Hopefully you enjoyed last nights rewind, and normal service is resumed later on tonight!

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