Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Give or take a few hours of exception, if its raining tomorrow it'll be raining for a month. At this stage Ive cleaned up hundreds of gallons of puppy piss and nearly a tonne of the other shite (!). Life couldnt be better!

Eventually made the all important "My Xbox360 is shagged again" phone call on Sunday and lo and behold it was picked up Monday afternoon. Microsoft cant be faulted for their customer service, just the oul bit of reliability aint great. Third time lucky...heres hoping.

Cheers for the mails and comments about going back gigging. Im really looking forward to going back spinning again, so heres hoping some of you regular blog readers can turn up on the night. Roll on Club Light this Friday.

Thats about it for now. Time is against me as always. Saturday Im gonna have a fair few pics up of Club Light from Mallow, so pencil that into the oul diary!!!

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