Tuesday, October 24, 2006

As promised last night, the above picture was the one I was discussing with Chris O Leary. No doubt some of you are saying its a world gone mad and to a certain degree it has. Well from a government point of view anyway. Im sure the group who got out their sledgehammers and ladders (for the slates) wouldnt have done so much damage if there was something else for them to do, like a youth club or something along those lines. Its the same with younger drivers. All this talk of limiters and curfews for learner drivers is really getting up my nose. I dont care, I have my full licence for a number of years, but the people who have a state car and driver, a shit load of money not to mention expense accounts are missing the point. Put a limiter in a car, go on, go ahead. When that happens, said young person will go off and use this as an excuse to get their full licence quicker, which is a good thing......if we had the infrastructure to cope. Other than that, as soon as they get the full licence, the boot will go down because the limiter has been removed. Put a curfew in, go on, do that as well. Lets see half the young workforce outta work because they cant drive to their night shift. The country obviously doesnt need their tax euros.

The road situation is simple. People need to take a bit more responsibility for their actions as opposed to moaning "Era theres no Guards on the road" and from 3rd year on, teenagers need to get some form of driver ed, like they have in the states. Id even suggest the possibility of doing the theory test in your school etc.etc. At least then theres the mindset in young drivers, because they've been getting it in school for at least 2 years. The "Car Enthusiast" is another crew that are getting the name of "Boy Racer". Im sick of defining the difference on the show, but its not that hard to see. Old 88 Starlet (or any old banger), with cheap alloys, Nike Stripe (or equivilent, Puma maybe) = Boy Racer. The country needs a few speedways with a half mile strip on it. Theres the safe option for anyone that wants to drive their car at high speed and get it timed etc.etc. Just nosing around the net, theres tonnes of videos of drag strips in the states being used by the public. Spanner hurling his old Starlet down a 1/2 mile may be a frightening experience as the car rattles and threatens to explode, taking oul Spanner (or whatever his name is) out through the front window! Either way it makes for an interesting spectator sport! As for the curfews and limiters, gimme a break. Some of these "politicians" need a limiter on their brain.

Apologies to all about the Psychic segment last night. I got to it a bit too late, but fear not we will have another Psychic session during the week!

Tonnes of stuff coming up tonight including a small Starlet worth of giveaways!

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im the same i have a test tomorrow and im afraid i'll fail it and i couldnt sleep last night