Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another Gus picture either below or above! As of this moment in time, Im officially sick to the ankles of cleaning up piss and shite! I know one of you is saying "Toilet Train the dog". Well thats true, but when its done nothing but rain for the last 3 weeks its kinda difficult and considering he's so small we cant exactly teach him to use the jacks. I dont think his paws could reach the flushing handle! We've had about 4 hours of sunshine in the last few weeks and inches and inches of rain. If any of you are gardeners, you'll know theres "Savage Growth". Looking at my back garden at the moment, you'll get no argument for me. Im convinced I saw a herd of Wildebeest grazing on it last night!

The Cork Film Festival is in full swing and some great movies are hitting big screens around Cork. That said, I have little opportunity to see anything, but I am looking forward to seeing Borat on Friday night!

Speaking of movies, whats peoples take on the new Scorsese flick, The Departed! Comments below if ya please. I wanted to take this in last week, but alas certain cinemas didnt have a late show on of said flick. Why? Who knows. New Police Story is the latest Jackie Chan flick to hit the big screen over here in the next couple of weeks. Any of you region 3 dvd afficiandos will know its been available to buy for at least a year now. Its not bad, so for any Jackie fans it'll give you a fix from October 13th! Besides Tenacious D - In the pick of Destiny, theres not a great deal of quality flicks on the way between now and the end of the year. I stand to be correct though!

Anyways, thats my lot for today, the more humourous moaning shall return before the weekend!

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