Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Somebody sent me an email this morning which read....

Do you have any conscience, you ignorant gobshite! That poor woman that was on the air last night was treated like one of the prisoners in an Iraqi prison. Why, because her husband spent HIS money on HIS WIFE! Its nobodies business! F$%KHEAD

Hatemail is a wonderfull thing. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile and occasionally, in this case it makes me the spelling. Fuckhead is spelt F...U...C...K...H...E...A...D not F$%HEAD. It shouldnt be that difficult, afterall Im sure you attended a school.....somewhere. Was the forementioned caller dragged around on a leash and forced to have sex with another inmate.....I think not! Whats conscience got to do with anything?As Ive said many times, the show is called Cork Talks Back, and peoples opinions matter! Whether or not you agree with them is your problem. If you were so worried about "that poor woman" why didnt you ring in and be her knight in shining armour. You sound like the type of individual who actually has a donkey in the back garden and on the weekends you dress up in a tinfoil suit with a saucepan on your head, riding around with a yard brush as a lance. Maybe you were dressed up like that last night. Thats whats sparked you off...god love you! As for the oul ignorant gobshite comment...well, thats just plain insulting. Not that I care , but before you start slandering someone, at least have some justification.

For any of you gaming nerds out there that own an Xbox 360, keep an eye out on Xbox Live over the next few days. Lots of demos and nice things to be downloaded, by all accounts! The X06 press conference is been streamed live on

The last 7 days have been longer than they usually are. The more I think about it, it feels like 9 days. The new arrival, Gus is adapting well to the situation as is Bilbo. They could be alot better, but like the government, theres alot done but more to do. Since Monday night, Ive set up a dog prison, something similar to what they have off Cuba. If Gus steps out of line, he hits the cells for 5 minutes. After which an application for release is made. If theres further outbreaks of violence, tearing up beds etc.etc. he gets put back to this 4x2 cell. As some past inmates will tell, the prison system works well. They dont reoffend and go on, to lead happy, crime free lives. Well oul (!) Gus is a repeat offender! Its quite a tough job, being a prison warden, particuarly when the only inmate is sobbing his eyes out after been locked up, but someones gotta do it!

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