Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Arrival

Meet Gus (Inspired from Paul Seniors dog, Gus, in American Chopper) who arrived yesterday. Basically he needed a good home, so we took him in. Bilbo is a bit wary of the whole scenario, but he's coming around slowly. I spent the night on the chair, with the pup to make sure he settles in ok. Besides a bust back and a cranky mood Im here.

A 5 minute to midnight phonecall the other night ensured I didnt miss Steve Irwins Memorial in Australia Zoo, which was broadcast live on Animal Planet. It was extremely sad, with more than an occasional tear shed by yours truly. As daft as it might sound to some of you, Steve Irwins death has affected me in ways I didnt think possible. The show made its final goodbye to Stevo last night, amidst the Rupert McCall poem and John Spillanes - Im Moving On!

It was an honor to have Mick Lally and Mary McEvoy on the other night to boot! Miley and Biddy....well holy god! Any thoughs of going to the Everyman to check them out have been dashed due to the new arrival, but what harm!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Richard Hammond and his family. The Top Gear presenter was in a serious accident yesterday, while attempting to break the UK landspeed record. The rat tabloids as usual are playing the whole thing up with varying reports saying he's critical but omitting the word STABLE. From my understanding, Hamster is critical but stable and his condition improved overnight. Get well Hamster!

Theres tonnes of giveaways tonight to boot, as well as the usual madness. To be perfectly honest, Im not in a blogging mood the last few weeks, but and I say this AGAIN, normal service shall be back tomorrow or Monday!

For all you Stevo fans, heres a wallpaper compliments of Animal Planet! Click to enlarge and save as!

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