Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A trip down (or is it up, maybe its out) to Bandon was required early this morning. Had to have a quick check on the new car, and Im told tis all normal. Besides feeling like a fool (a reassured fool none the less) I got to take a wander around Bandon itself for around an hour and a bit. I havent been wandering around there in years, and I have to say its very like Cork city center. Buggys rule the footpaths, screaming kids and big ass hoop ear rings abound. Either way I enjoyed the romp around the land of Graham Norton. I even found a savage pair of shoes for 20 quid. Granted, I didnt buy them, because as much as I fitted into them, I would be crippled by now. Theres fitting in and theres squeezing in. How do the women do it all the time. Well check 10 womens feet, in particular their baby toe. I gurantee at least 9 of them well have a crushed, almost smashed baba toe. Why, becuase they want to squeeze into a smaller size shoe. So I decided to leave my feminine side at home.

Before we went off the air last night, I was speaking briefly about the mad strawberry sellers. Well, there was only one purveyor of the red fruit on the way to Bandon this morning. I had hoped to see the sign "Wexford Strawberries for Sale Ahead", but alas no I didnt. All I got was some sign that read "Strawberries 200M" and after travelling at least a mile I finally spotted the seller, who as per usual like the rest of them like quite fed up and pissed off. A tape measure would have been handy though, for the seller to get the signage distant correct. I know its only a small thing, but it all helps. God forbid some large American would pull in after 200 meters and get lost looking for the Strawberry seller!

On a final note, the Peta crowd are saying we should be feeding our pets vegetarian dishes. I can appreciate that Pam Anderson goes naked for those lunatics, but they should all be locked up. Im off to have a BEEF STIR FRY!!!! READ THAT PETA PEOPLE!


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Anonymous said...

vic theres four strawberry stalls on the way into waterford just outside on the dungarvan side and when the sign says they'll b 200m they will!! oh and they where selling other items such as potatoes if memory serves me right.