Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Friday rolls in!

Another week over, another pay packet arrives in the bank and another load of bills sorted out (I hope). Its been a long week for some reason or another, that I cant be bothered delving into. This is the first weekend in I dont know how long that theres not some "social gathering" going on, be that weddings, dinner parties or funerals. Im looking forward to just doing nothing. Speaking of, theres a humid cloud in the house, almost like the volcanic one that was in Pompei.

That Friday feeling, yes the one thats endorsed by Cadbury, doesnt seem to be around today. The whole place seems grey, as a matter of fact it feels like a November Thursday. Maybe its me, but walking around Midleton earlier on, the vibe seems to be the same. I havent heard or looked at the news today, so maybe some major head of state somewhere has been caught without a parachute on a parachute jump, and we're all mourning. The previously mentioned humid cloud is after penetrating my head, more than likley through my nostrils. Is it the idiotic drivers around East Cork? One I came across today, seemed to think he was driving some form of road going Airbus. He obviously needed 2 lanes for the wings of his pothole pounding aircraft. Im sure the wings hit the walls around Fota. Maybe its the tourists meandering around the place, with the "Oh Its Ireland, its gonna be wet" look upon their faces. If they wanted bloody sunshine, they should have went where the entire population of Cork goes....Santa Ponsa.

The one saving grace of today so far, was the Ninety Nine Knights demo for the 360, on Xbox Live. There is a staggering amount of action in this game, with more things running around than in the vast pubic regions of brothel employees. The thing is tough though, I can only last about 5 minutes in the game. Just as well Im not in that brothel then. At least the game is free.

Anyway, Im going off to be more miserable! Have a good weekend, and dont forget Get it off your chest Sunday, this Sunday from 10

Oh yeah, one last thing...

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